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50cm resolution satellite images for Belgium

This website is an initiative of the Belgian Science Policy Office, developed in the framework of the Belgian participation in the Pléiades Earth Observation Programme.

If you want to know more about the Pléiades system, the delivered image products and the Belgian participation to the Pléiades Programme, be sure to check the Information section.

The Images section is aimed at the Belgian institutional users of Pléiades images. It contains an archive with all Pléiades images that have been purchased by authorised users. Anyone can access this archive, but only authorised Belgian users can enjoy the following two benefits:

  • Free download of the Pléiades products in this archive
  • Purchase of any other Pléiades products as low as 1.4 €/km²

How to become an authorised user?

Only authorised Belgian users can use this portal to download images for free and order Pléiades products at reduced prices.

  • work for a government, organisation or entity that:

    • is established in Belgium
    • fulfil a public service mission
  • commit to use the data

    • in the framework or for the implementation of their mission
    • for non-profit usage
    • respecting the Terms and conditions of the user license.

Do you meet these criteria and wish to become authorised user? Then file a request by clicking the Subscribe button in the top right corner. You will receive an answer within 5 working days.

Have you already been approved as an authorised user, and would you like to order Pléiades images? In that case you can simply log in by clicking the Login button in the top right corner.

If you don’t meet the criteria to become an authorised user, you can order Pléiades images at the commercial rate from the data provider Airbus Defence and Space.


Available images

Country Products
Belgium 182
France 92
The Netherlands 30
Germany 22
Luxembourg 8
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Resolutions and Colours Products
2.0 meters | colour 370
0.5 meters | black and white 370
0.5 meters | colour 68